Welcome To Our Future. Welcome To Kocourek Kids.

When we started looking for a meaningful effort within which we could give back and make a real difference - We decided it was a good idea to start at the beginning. Interestingly, by starting at the beginning, we invested in the future.

Tomorrow in North Central Wisconsin depends on the character and spirit of young people. Kocourek Kids is focused on tomorrow and we're going to provide the fuel to get there.

An effort of this magnitude depends on two important sources: Money and People. We'll provide one, if you help with the other.

We believe everyone will relate with the effort; its one thing every single one of us has in common: We were all a kid at one time.

Think back - and then look ahead.
While you're doing that, look around and look inside.
Let us know how you think we can best support the kids in our big neighborhood.
We're open to suggestions that point us in the right direction; to the people and the organizations who need us.

The Wausau Area is known far and wide as having outstanding features. Rib Mountain is one. Next time you're on top of our world and you look out on the 360-Degrees of horizon, try to remember what it felt like, as a kid, to be looking at the future...The one just down the hill, or the one way off in the distance.

**If you have any questions please email us - kids@drivekocourek.com . **

Kocourek Kids Foundation Makes a BIG Impact with Big Brothers Big Sisters-

Wausau, Wis. - August 7, 2012

Kocourek Kids recently donated $10,000 in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin.  The donation matched the amount of funds raised at Big Brothers Big Sisters' private fundraiser, the Match Maker Evening.  The event featured guest speakers and personal match stories from Bigs and Littles.

Kocourek Kids believes the future of North Central Wisconsin begins with our young people.  They help provide the fuel to get there by supporting the organizations and people that need it most.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin helps children see the potential of their future through one-to-one, high impact youth mentoring.  Together, Kocourek Kids and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin are making a Big impact in our community.

The generosity of Kocourek Kids will allow more children to experience the power of youth mentoring.  They are dedicated to helping build character and spirit of young people through giving back and looking ahead in North Central Wisconsin. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin is the Wausau Region Chamber of Commerce's 2012 Small Business of the Year - Non Profit and served more than 500 children in 2011.  Nationally, Big Brothers Big Sisters is the oldest, largest and most effective youth mentoring organization.  For more than a century, they have been the leader in one-to-one youth service by developing positive relationships that have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of young people.  For more information about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northcentral Wisconsin, visit www.bbbsncw.org or find them on Facebook.

For more information, please call Amanda Vandehey or Tom Kellnhauser at 715-848-7207 or email Amanda at amandav@bbbsncw.org.